Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Juan Sajid Imao's Open Endings

Juan Sajid Imao, multi-awarded sculptor, represents a story with each artwork that he creates. This is particularly true for his latest collection, Open Endings. Each piece symbolizes a personal experience that he believes has made his life more meaningful and contributed greatly to his personal transcendence.

With his work, Imao parlays the unlocking of these experiences. It is with fascination that he involves his viewers in this process as he likes to think that his sculptural stories are open-ended, thus giving them the luxury of making their own narratives.

It is the artist’s hope that those who will see his sculptures would be encouraged to reflect on their own lives. “I want viewers to interact with my works and maybe help them realize that there really is an open ending to any experience.”

Age-old superstitions and long-held beliefs, known to Filipinos as “pamahiin,” are also rendered in some of Sajid’s pieces. For instance, he was inspired by the proverb “Matutong mamaluktot” which means that one has to learn to curl up or fit under any blanket no matter how small. The euphemism for a person’s need to adapt to a situation especially during tough times is depicted with nuance in “Namamaluktot.” The same piece shall be featured at 1/of Gallery’s showcase in the upcoming ManilArt exposition.

Open Endings is on its second leg at 1/of Gallery, 2nd level, Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City and is co-presented by Project Art.

A portion of the exhibit proceeds will benefit the Resources for the Blind Foundation, Inc.

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