Sunday, November 10, 2013

Books for the Kids of Visayas This Christmas

In line with our bookgiving initiatives, we now want to raise funds to publish books that can be given away to child victims of Typhoon Yolanda and who will find themselves in evacuation centers and temporary shelters this holiday season.

So here's what we propose.

If you wish to donate to us and this project, you can do so by depositing your contribution (any amount will be greatly appreciated!) to:

Metrobank (San Lorenzo Village branch) 
Savings Account 642-3-64202878-3 

Please email us a copy of the deposit slip ( so that we can properly record and send
by Elmer Borlongan

you an official receipt.

We will match all donations peso for peso up to P100,000.00. 

That means we're trying to raise at least P200,000.00 - half from you and half from us. That will then enable us to publish AT LEAST 4000 copies of our children's books - all of which will go to children displaced by Yolanda.

Finally, while any and all amounts are greatly appreciated, as an added bonus to encourage greater generosity, we will raffle off our framed and signed Artist Proof limited edition prints of Elmer Borlongan's "Isang Mata" and "Profile" among the first 20 people who will donate at least P5,000.00 to this cause.

Only 8 official copies and 2 artist proofs (one belonging to CANVAS which
"Isang Mata"
by Elmer Borlongan

is now being raffled, and the other belonging to the artist) were made of these prints. Because these are hand-sketched images that were created using an iPhone, there is no single original artwork in the usual sense. All these official copies and artist proofs are the "originals".

So by donating at least P5,000.00, you could have a one in ten chance of owning one "original" Elmer Borlongan artwork.

If you want to learn more about what we've done and are doing related to this, please visit our GlobalGiving Updates Page.

We hope you will join us.

Thank you.