Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ang I.N.K.'s "Tsubibo" opens at Shangri-la Mall

Children's illustrators group Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang-InK) opens their 17th annual exhibition titled "Tsubibo" on Tuesday, October. 28 at the 4th level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

"Tsubibo," explores one of the most popular attractions for children and children at heart: the carnival, in a showcase of over 30 works from Ang I.N.K. members using digital art, paper sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media.

Ang I.N.K. treats its audience to the sights and sounds of the carnival as "Tsubibo" presents the carnival's wild and wacky cast of characters, and delves into the thrills and chills of rides, arcade games, and other sideshow attractions.

Founded in 1991, Ang I.N.K.'s roster includes full-time freelance illustrators, graphic designers, painters, writer- illustrators, visual arts teachers and students, and artists working in publishing companies, design-related firms and advertising agencies. Apart from children's books, Ang I.N.K. members or "INKies" continue to produce workbooks, textbooks, murals, animated features, product designs and merchandising, both individually and as a group. Several INKies are recipients of local and international awards and continue to make names for themselves both here and abroad.

Presented by Adarna House, OMF Literature, Summit Media, and Oishi, "Tsubibo" runs until Nov. 14 at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall, followed by a 1-day exhibition at the UP College of Fine Arts Art Bazaar on November 15.

For inquiries, e-mail

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Pics from Last Night's Rocking for Juan Event

So... a little over a year since the idea initially came to us, the big night finally arrived. We had a very well attended Rakenrol show - one of our biggest in terms of the number of guests (estimated between 200 and 250 people) who actually came. For the first time, by the Museum's closing time (10pm), the forty or so bottles of wine that we ordered had all been consumed, and had very nearly run out of food as well...

No matter, it looked to us that no one really noticed, and that everyone had a great time...

We didn't tell everyone that a couple of the bands/musicians would be playing. About an hour into the opening, we had everyone move to the lobby in another section of the Ayala Museum...

...where we explained the rationale behind Looking for Juan - In Art and Rock & Roll and then treated everyone to a surprise preview of some of the songs that emerged out of this collaborative experiment.

Vin Dancel and Peryodiko rocked the Museum.

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

We set up an LCD projector to show the images that accompanied the songs that were being played.

Cynthia Alexander followed with her songs. In the picture below, artist Plet Bolipata explains her artwork just before Cynthia played her song.

Photo credit: Elmer Borlongan aka fotobumbong

The CD with all the songs will come out, hopefully by the third week of November.

Interesting side story: Shortly before the opening, the Ayala Museum folks requested us to keep the level down to a respectable 50 decibels, to which we of course agreed, thinking that 50 decibels should be more than enough for what we had in mind.

We googled it only this morning, and found out that 50 decibels is the sound of the summer rain, or a normal conversation from three feet away.

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

We'd like to think everyone had a grand time (unknowingly - we'd like to emphasize) breaking the 50-decibel limit.

And we thank the Ayala Museum for reassuring us this morning, despite our - really - unavoidable failure to meet their request, that CANVAS has not yet overstayed its welcome. :-)

And finally... if you know the girl below with the videocam...

or any of the people with the cameras below...

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

...or just anyone else who may have taken pictures or videos during the event, please tell them that, if its ok, to please send us a copy of their shots/footage. Just email them to

We'd love to keep them in our files for posterity, and post them on youtube and here on our blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Great Opportunity for Writers

Here's the site: Field Report.

And click here, for the Time Magazine feature on it.

The Star Thrower

The first one-woman show of artist Liza Flores opens with cocktails on October 27, 2008 at 1/of Gallery, Shops at Serendra, Global City.

Based on a popular environmental story, Liza created large and playful acrylic on archival paper art pieces (2 pcs at 30"x68", 2 pcs at 38"x30", and 1 pc at 62"x36") - made even more whimsical by glow-in-the-dark starfish. These paintings are going to be part of CANVAS' trio of short ecofables, which will be published and launched as a single children's book in February 2009.

Here's a sneak peek at her unique artworks:

(Author unknown, but the inspiration is widely attributed to the writings of anthropologist Loren Eiseley)

One day, thousands of starfish had washed ashore along a beach that a man was walking upon.

As he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer.

When he got closer, he saw that it was a little girl and she wasn't dancing. Instead she was reaching down to the shore, picking up starfish and very gently throwing it into the ocean.

He called out, "Good morning! What are you doing?" The little girl paused, looked up and replied "Throwing starfish into the ocean so they won’t die."

"Don't bother, dear," the man said, "There are too many starfish. It won't make a difference."

The little girl listened politely. Then she bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves.

She then looked up and the man, smiled and said, "Well, it made a difference for that one!"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why CANVAS Looks for Juan

The idea behind Looking for Juan (in Art and Rock & Roll) is simple - seven artists collaborate with seven bands to produce 14 new artworks and 14 original songs, all about What It Means to Be Filipino.

Beyond the art and the songs (which are all great), the Looking for Juan Program allows CANVAS (, together with the participating artists and bands, to explore and understand the social impact of art - particularly to promote discussion and debate on the theme of the Filipino identity. We like to think that this show is even more special in that, collectively, it gives a snapshot of what some of the best young creative talents think when asked about what it means to be Filipino, at this particular point in our nation's history.

Equally important, the event is actually engaging and non-intimidating, something that everyone can attend - to simply enjoy the art while listening to the music, or to think and discuss. We think it will be fun, and we hope to see you there.

Here's a sneak peek: The song was composed by Loquy, and the artwork for it created by Alfredo Esquillo.

by Loquy

Hinahanap ang sarili sa mga kanta ng iba
Hinahanap ang sarili sa mga salita ng makata
Nalulunod sa iba’t-ibang impluwensya
Natabunan ang sarili… di na makita….
Hanap… Hahanapin mo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
Hanap… Hahanapin mo natabunan ka na at ika’y nabaon.
Nakakumot ang sarili sa dilim, tuyo na’ng luha
Nakaramdam ka ng sakit, paalala lang na ika’y buhay pa
Nagpalunod. Inspirado. Gawing pintura …
Mas makulay ang ‘yong dugo… Magpakilala.
Hanap… Hahanapin mo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
Hanap… Hahanapin mo natabunan ka na at ika’y nabaon.
Ang bulong ng pag-ibig mo’y di marinig sa disyerto
Sa gubat man wala pa rin, kusa ka lang dadalawin….
Hanap… Hahanapin mo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
Hanap… Hahanapin mo natabunan ka na at ika’y nabaon.


LOOKING FOR JUAN (In Art and Rock & Roll) is produced by CANVAS in partnership with Ambient Media, and opens with cocktails at 630pm, October 21, 2008 at the Ayala Museum. For questions and other details, please email

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do You Want To Help Build a Park?

The idea is to bring together architecture and art students from different parts of the world who, together with counterpart Filipino students, will design and build a Friendship Park under the artistic supervision of leading artists, architects and urban planners - all in 30 days.

They will transcend their language and cultural differences through a shared vision to design and build the project. After a new park is completed, it is given as a gift to the citizens of the Pacific and to the sponsoring organization or institution in the host city. All parks are for the public, and are directly connected to the Pacific Ocean.

The Park will then become part of a network of Friendship Parks ringing the Pacific, and computer kiosks, connected to the Internet and programmed with translation software will allow visitors to chat in real time with citizens in other parks.

There are already four - in the US, Russia, China and Mexico. In May 2009, CANVAS and the Pacific Rim Park Foundation will build the fifth Friendship Park in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. (Click here to view the selected site.)

We now invite interested students to send in their applications for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Five to seven slots have been allocated for Filipinos. If interested, please signify your interest by emailing your answers to the questions below to

Please note that participants will be expected to shoulder the costs of travel to Puerto Princesa City, as well as a token participation fee (which may be waived upon request for those who may have difficulties in raising the amount). Board and lodging in Puerto Princesa will be shouldered by the Project.

1. Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Telephone numbers:

2. Why do you want to be involved in the Pacific Rim Park Project?

3. What Languages do you speak?

4. Tell us about what colleges and/or universities you have attended and what you have studied?

5. What are you building experiences if any? What are some of your other skills?

6. What does the Pacific Ocean represent to you?

7. What do you think is the relationship between myth and architecture?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Start Thinking...

...About your Christmas gifts! For the second year, CANVAS is joining the American Women's Bazaar on the first Mondays of October (that's tomorrow, October 6th!), November and December.

We'll have our books, prints, tote bags, wallets, and other great merchandise inspired by images from the works of some of the best young Filipino artists around.

See you there!