Friday, October 5, 2007

How Big a Deal is This?

"It's very degrading," said Registered Nurse Bernadette Roco.

"It's not only a slur, it's an insult to the quality of Philippines education," added former President Fidel Ramos.

On the other hand, here's something a friend of mine wrote: "That's too much ado over nothing. We should not be onion-skinned about being the butt of a joke in a TV serial. Instead, we should wonder why our (medical) schools have a poor reputation. It's about the blatant forgeries at Recto, the profit- hungry diploma mills, the cheating scandals in board exams, election fraud, etc. Foreigners could say worse things about us."

What do you think?

Epilogue: Well, apparently it's a big enough deal. :-)


augie said...

it's comedy, sus. comedy should never be restrained by political correctness. :-) sabi nga sa Avenue Q: 'everyone's a little bit racist.' hehe... :-p

g_mirage said...

long dead issue...but i agree with your friend. hubby has an aunt in the US who is somewhat into the skin clinic treatment job with a diploma from recto something into surgery tingy...that's what the joke was actually about. =)