Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Decided! (More on our Pacific Rim Parks Project)

James Hubbell and Kyle Bergman, the two US-based architects who spearhead the Pacific Rim Park Project, flew in to check out the four sites being proposed by Mayor Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City. The City is making a strong pitch to bring the Philippines' Pacific Rim Friendship Park there.

Site 1 was on a hilltop near the city proper with a spectacular view of the sea.

Site 2 was at the old, abandoned Sta. Lucia Penal Colony - overlooking and right beside the sea, which also had an old church nearby that the city plans to restore and promote as a special wedding venue.

Site 3 was at Puerto Princesa City's version of Manila's Baywalk.

And finally, Site 4 was at the pier that you would need to pass to visit Puerto Princesa's famed Underground River.

All fantastic sites. But there can be only one.

After conferring with Mayor Hagedorn, we settled on the Sta. Lucia site which will be part of their ecological estate and which will also eventually house a planned International School for the Environment.

We have a chance, then, with our proposed park, to play a critical role in helping to jumpstart this unique and important vision.

So join CANVAS next year, when 25 students from all over the world fly in to Puerto Princesa to design and build the Philippine Pacific Rim Friendship Park in 30 days!

This is going to be fun!

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