Friday, May 16, 2008

And the Winner Is...

CANVAS is very pleased to announce that Ms. Eline Santos has won the 2008 Romeo Forbes Children's Storywriting Competition for her story, "Doll Eyes."

We had a very strong set of entries in the final round, but in the end the judges (singer/actress Lea Salonga, Tin-Aw Art Gallery owner Dawn Atienza, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Head of the Graduate Studies Office of UP's College of Arts and Letters Wendell Capili) were unanimous.

Congratulations to Ms. Eline Santos and to all the other finalists! CANVAS wishes to also thank all the other writers who submitted entries. We look forward to everyone's continued participation and support in our future competitions.

To read "Doll Eyes" and all the other final round entries, please click on the titles below:

Doll Eyes by Eline Santos

The Search for Magic by Raissa Rivera

Ang Dyip ni Mang Tomas ni Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

The First Jeepney by Agay Llanera

Alay sa Huling Babae sa Bayan ng Suna ni Michael Frianeza

Father Damian's Amazing Carabao by Becky Bravo


wendell said...

hi gigo,

thanks for this.

it was a tough call. the winner deserves it but the other finalists were just as wonderful.

i didn't know who the finalists were until i read this post. wise decision not to reveal the names when we were judging.

becky bravo was my student in UP many years ago and she has received so many prizes for her fiction. raissa claire rivera won her first palanca years back with me as one of the judges. we have a great batch this year.


twistedspinster said...

hello sir wendell !! i can't believe you still remember me after all these years :)