Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Philippines Rules Social Media Networks!

The media agency Universal McCann released a free 80-page whitepaper on the impact of social media. The company interviewed 17,000 Internet users in 29 countries, making it "the world’s most detailed survey of the Social Media revolution."

It's an interesting read, particularly when you find out that the Philippines is:

#5 in podcast downloads, with 61.8% of active Internet users in the country having downloaded a podcast;

#4 in writing blogs (65.8%)

#2 in reading blogs (90.3%)

#2 in uploading videos (60.5%)

#1 in watching videos (a whopping 98.6%) and

#1 in creating a profile in a new social network like Facebook, Multiply and Friendster (83.1%).

Looking at these numbers, clearly, the future is here and now in the Philippines.

Less clearly, the numbers are still positive, but more of us like to read and watch than to write and create, it seems. (Although we didn't really check - our guess is that this is true for most if not all countries anyway.)

And we clearly are a highly social people.

There's a lot to be gleaned from just browsing through the paper, for us as we pursue our mission, and we suspect for everyone else out there who just wants to understand a bit more what's going on with the Internet and social media and how it all is affecting us right now.

Read the report. You can click through the pages above, or else download it yourself - did we say for free?! - here.

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