Friday, November 6, 2009

A Funny Show That's No Joke

We caught the opening of PANGATAWANAN MO NAH! last night - a must MUST see group art exhibit the subject of which is Mae Paner, the performer and social critic behind the You Tube sensation Juana Change, at the Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

The concept itself is vintage Juana Change - outrageous, funny, courageous, provocative and relevant. It's all about getting thin, and is a criticism of greed and excess in national life.

The solution, she says, should start with herself.

So this is the first of 2 exhibitions... It marks the beginning of her journey to get thin, towards better health, and reasonable consumption. And she literally bares herself (and her soul) in all its naked glory, thereby providing "the absolute measure of honest self-appraisal."

The exhibition’s second edition, to be scheduled before the coming elections in 2010, is intended to be a bare-faced display of whatever success she achieves or failure she suffers.

The curation of the works is equal to the task - and the list of artists participating is a virtual who's who of some of the best, and most sought-after young artists - of various media - around.
You want to know which artists to invest in? A lot of them are in this show.

Don't miss it!

PANGATAWANAN MO NAH! is curated by Marian Pastor Roces, Paner’s principal collaborator in this project; and presented by the museum development corporation she heads, TAO INC. For more information on this event, contact Glenda Puyat at 0917.350.1720 or Monchito Nocon at 0920.283.4393. For available works, please contact Tin-aw Art Gallery at 892-7522 or contact Marya: 0916-563-6687 or Dawn: 0917-534-1378.

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