Monday, February 1, 2010

First Impression

“First Impression,” Tet Aligaen’s latest exhibit at 1/of Gallery in Serendra, features her signature otherworldly blooms. The collection is somehow a reintroduction of the artist as it is her first outing at the said venue. Her floral renditions range from ethereal monochromatic blue gardens accented by red dragonflies with diaphanous wings, to wildly colorful yet fluid fusions that almost bring to mind kelp forests or perhaps the Charles Kingsley children’s classic, “Water Babies.”

Ma. Theresa Ureta Aligaen earned her Fine Arts degree at the Philippine Women’s University. Although following her mother’s wishes had her spending her first two years in college under the university’s Nursing program, her artistry was not to be denied. After a course shift, the painter nicknamed ‘Tet’ added to her creative avenues as she studied and also worked for a private firm as a graphic artist. After graduation, she held exhibits in Davao while maintaining employment until marriage and motherhood eventually took precedence.

1996 was pivotal for Tet as the loss of her only daughter caused her art to burgeon once more. Now her watercoulors continue to flow as though an outpouring of her love for the girl whose memory bolsters Tet’s already preternatural talent. She has since held various exhibitions and her artworks are also on display in Singapore.

“First Impression” is on view until February 15, 2010. 1/of Gallery is located at the second level of Serendra, Global City, Taguig. For further details, email or call 901-3152.

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