Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Stuff

Sorry we haven't been posting lately... we really have to be more consistent. Anyways, a few random thoughts and updates:

1. It's a new day, and we really liked PNoy's inaugural address. It struck the right tone - hopeful, detailed, courageous - speaking of change and example.

That said, we remain wary, hopeful but wary. That is one legacy of the Arroyo administration - people still want to remain positive on days like this, but are a bit more jaded. As one friend told us as Noy spoke of getting rid of wang-wangs on EDSA, "I'll believe it when I don't see it."

2. But, presidential he did sound, and we recognize and fully support Noynoy, proudly, as our president. We've already stated how we see our role post-elections. Nothing's changed... if anything, it is also how we now choose to join and commit to the Aquino government as it moves to promote better governance.

3. The lines we liked best from his speech: "Hindi na puede ang puede na," and "There can be no reconciliation without justice."

4. Moving on, have you checked out our new Looking for Juan site? It's now officially off beta mode. Go visit!

5. Finally, we have a bunch of events and activities this coming month. Here are the major ones:
  • An exhibition of new works by Farley del Rosario at 1/of Gallery starting July 12th. You can preview them here.
  • The exhibition of the second set of Joy Mallari's paintings for our next children's book, Doll Eyes, at the Ayala Museum on July 23. We're hopeful, but as yet can't promise, that we'll also have our book launch that day.
  • Manilart 2010 - the second annual international fair - on July 30th.

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