Friday, July 16, 2010

We publish stories.

To paraphrase Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian novelist, there is a danger to the single story because it assumes that there is only one story, one vantage point, one truth; when in fact, there are many. She speaks of this at length in her TED Talk below.

We publish stories. We have published nine so far.

In these stories live varied characters –

There is Mang Tomas, the town’s well-loved jeepney driver who, with his trusty jeep, is witness to life in Barangay Pastol – each child’s baptism, each couple’s walk down the aisle, and each student’s graduation from school. Through his humble trade, he provides for his family and dreams of sending them all through school.

There is Lupito, a young traveling salesman who lands in a circus village. At first a stranger and transient, he decides to make Barrio Sirkero his home after he falls for the town beauty with a telekinetic gift, Sela, and n keeping with the barrios’ customs of courtship, he wins her heart through paninilbihan and panunuyo.

There is Romeong Mapangarapin who, according to doctors’ diagnosis, would not amount to much, yet whose imagination and creativity could not be crippled. In his mind, he is a poet and a traveler, two perfect things to be.

We are happy to participate in the act of story-telling. With nearly all our stories published in both Filipino and English, the invitation to read extends to non-Filipino speakers.

It is our hope that each of our stories help to reveal another layer of the Filipino, celebrating our truths or imagination.

It is good to not have a singular narrative. There should never be just one story to tell.

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palma tayona said...

what are we all, but storytellers anyway? :-) each man, woman and child tells a story. it takes an artist, a writer, a musician to put it in words, images, song... so that each story can be brought to life and be owned or given to a greater community.