Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

CANVAS is pleased to announce that Kate Osias has won our 2010 Storywriting for Young Readers Competition for her story, "Apolinario and the Name Trader."

Here's part of what Kelly Sonnack, agent for the US-based Andrea Brown Literary Agency had to say about it:

"I really enjoyed this manuscript. It has a traditional, classic feel that I like, while also feeling new and fresh – a good blend for today’s picture book market. It’s playful and capitalizes on something I think kids think about – how a different name might make you feel."

The other finalists, in no particular order, were:

Agay Llanera for "The Jealous Moon"
Rowald Almazar for "Annie Wants a Cookie"
Becky Bravo for "Marvelous Mouse and the Missing Cheese"
Angela Mapa for "Props"

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this competition.

Our next annual Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition opens on the first week of January 2011. We hope you will all join again!


tangerine said...

wow! congratulations to the winner! the book title sounds interesting..^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you, CANVAS!

And congratulations to all the finalists :)


Anonymous said...

hmmm, I already read the Apolinario ang the Name Trader of ms. Kate Aton-Osias....I just wonder kung okey lang ba yun sa Canvas kasi ang story na yan ay nanalo nung 2009 sa Palanca Awards sa Short Story for Children category...hmmm, okey lang po ba magpasa ng story sa Canvas (other related contest na ilulubsad niyo po) if it has won already an award?

on the other hand, napakaganda po talaga ng story na yan ni Ms. Osias,,,,

hope you reply in my comment soon. thanks and Godbless

CANVAS said...

Thanks for the comment.

We weren't aware that it had already won before. But, no, it's not an issue (in fact it's an honor) that the story has already won a previous competition, much less the Palanca! At the very least, it validates that others would appear to agree with our choice. :-)

For this contest, our only requirements really were that submissions be original, and that they should not yet have been published.

The point of the contest anyway is to possibly open some doors to the US market for Filipino writers. :-)

And, for what it's worth, we're also aware of at least one instance of almost the same thing happening the other way around - a story was submitted to us although it didn't win. The author tweaked the story a bit, resubmitted it for Palanca consideration, where it promptly won. :-)

Either way, we're happy to play a small part in such successes.

Christopher said...

hehe, by the way, my name is Chrisotpher S. Rosales....ako po ata yung tinutukoy ninyong "at least one instance" of that metter. last Romeo Forbes 2010 Competition, I submitted an entry to your contest which is entitled 'Si Berting, ang Batang Uling'. but then, na-disqualify ata sa inyo kasi medyo lumagpas sa limit ng words.....fortunately, nanalo yung story sa Palanca Awards 2010 last September,,,,hehe. ako po yung unang nagpost about dun sa work ni Ms. Osias na nanalo na sa Palanca.

by the way, Im really excited to join the Romeo Forbes 2011 next year, I will participate there. tnx.

CANVAS said...

Thanks, Christopher. And congratulations.

Pero no, we were thinking of another writer. So at least dalawa pala kayo! :-)

Christopher said...

ow, sino po siya at no pong entry niya? hope you answer my question

Christophjer said...

by the way, pwede po ba akong makahingi sa inyo ng soft copy ng winning entries sa contest po ninyo na "Doll's Eyes" at "tahan na, Tahanan".....sana po pwede ninyo po akong bigyan ng soft copy ng entry ng manuscript na yun, post ko po yung email ad ko kung ok langpo sa inyo na ganun, thanks, Godbless

CANVAS said...

Hi Christopher. Sorry, we can't recall exactly who, but that was two or three years ago pa.

On the winning entries, you can download the Doll Eyes e-book from our website na ( As for Tahan Na, Tahanan, sorry, we will release that to everyone next year pa when we launch the book. :-)


Christopher said...

yung dun po sa Romeo Forbes 2011, isa lang pa rin po ba ng magiging winner? sana po gawin ninyong first hanggang third prize...

CANVAS said...

Sorry, for now, we only award one prize. Although sinasabi din namin kung sino yung ibang napili na finalist. :-)