Thursday, June 2, 2011

Green Trees, Great Art, Fresh Air

If you have the chance, head on down to the University of the Philippines and take a leisurely walk around its famed tree-lined Academic Oval for some fresh air and great art celebrating the 150th birthday of National Hero Jose Rizal.

If you're lucky, Zorro might even be there to welcome you!

It's our third annual Looking for Juan Outdoor Banner Project.

The original works will be on display for only a very short while (only up to June 10) at the Vargas Museum, so hurry and just go! :-)

See you there!


Anonymous said...

this looks very cool. ang ganda ng art. but are the works only going to be displayed in the vargas museum? are there any other venues and dates?

oh, and a quick question. when are the results of the romeo forbes childrens writing competition going to be announced?

thank you and more power!

CANVAS said...

Thank you.

All the works will be shown at Vargas only, although a smaller version of the show will also be held at the Bencab Museum. We are sending 20-25 works there and it will be on display there tentatively from June 18 to July 30.

On the results of the story competition, any day now! :-)

Thanks again.