Thursday, June 7, 2012

We Have A Winner!!!

We are pleased to announce that Victor Ocampo has won this year's Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition for his story, "HERE BE DRAGONS."

The other finalists were:
  • Agay Llanera for "A Story About Stories"
  • Edgar Samar for "Ang Batang Naghangad ng Ikatlong Mata"
  • Ida Salazar for "The Last Curious Boy" and
  • Roxanne Saldana for "Alfonsito and the Magic Bookshop
The decision of the judges: Ms. Mel Tan (Program Officer for UNESCO - Education in Asia Pacific, and former Program Manager of the eSkwela Program of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology); Mr. J Pacena (Creative Director of Hub 2.0 Inc., artist, curator and new father-to-be); and Gigo Alampay (Executive Director of CANVAS) was unanimous.

Congratulations to Mr. Ocampo and all the other finalists!

We look forward to working with artist Jon Jaylo, who provided the inspiring contest piece, to bring Mr. Ocampo's story to life next year. :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering, do the finalists in this competition get anything? Like a certificate? :)

Anonymous said...

May I know the average number of participants who join this competition yearly? Thank you.

CANVAS said...

If you are a finalist, we will be happy to give you a certificate to that effect upon request. Just shoot us an email at :-)

We receive between 75 to 90 entries per year, although this year's crop was a record. We received 112 entries this year.


Anonymous said...

All the finalists' stories sound interesting. I hope you could also publish them. Jon Jaylo's image is so full of meaning. I'm curious to know how writers interpreted or used it.
Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you Canvas for holding this "competition"

I'm looking forward to next year's story and art.