Saturday, September 1, 2012

TEDxDiliman 2012 Speakers

Someone once wrote “The future is just wasted on some people.” 

Well, not here. Not at TEDxDiliman.

On September 15, 2012, our speakers will tell tales as they try to divine the future…

To paraphrase Erin Morgenstern in The Night Circus, from the mundane to the profound… they will share visions and hopes and dreams of the future… of law, peace, visual storytelling, communications, basketball, cities, filmmaking, comics, even the past, and more…

And it is for you - the listener, and for each and every ear it will be different, and it will affect them in ways they can never predict - to shape it.

Come and join us then. 

Listen to the tales.

And help shape it... THE FUTURE.

Confirmed Speakers

* Leticia Shahani - Our Future as a Maritime Power
* Benjamin de la Peña - The Future of Metro Manila
* Jaemark Tordecilla - The Future of Philippine Sports
* Ted Te - The Future of Human Rights Law
* Jose Javier Reyes - The Future of Media
* Rick Rocamora - The Future of Visual Storytelling
* Carlos Celdran - The Future of the Past
* Tony Oposa - The Future of Floods
* with Surprise Performances representing The Future of Music

Note: TEDxDiliman 2012: THE FUTURE will be streamed live on September 15 by

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