Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A 3-Sentence Story Contest for Art Fair Philippines


We have a new facebook app, CANVAS STORIES, where we will showcase artworks designed to inspire new stories.  We are launching the app to coincide with Art Fair Philippines, for which we asked 16 artists, including National Artist BenCab, to come up with works to inspire children’s stories.

So now, to encourage everyone to start tapping the writer in them, we are opening this flash contest. Between February 19 and 23 (the period of the Art Fair), and using our app (www.canvasstories.com), submit 3-sentence stories for any, some or all of the artworks.

We will invite 3 special judges to choose their favorites from all the entries submitted. The 3 chosen favorites will get P3,000 each, plus a limited edition hardbound copy of our latest children’s book "A Fish Tale", and a copy of CANVAS’ special brainstorming journal.

Entries may be in English or Filipino, and you may submit as many entries as you wish.

So log on to www.canvasstories.com to unlock the stories with your imagination. We look forward to reading your 3-sentence tales!

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Angela Mapa said...

Awww...just saw this a few days ago! This is too late but I decided to go ahead and write a 3-sentence story on one of these paintings (saw it at the Art Fair and it caught my attention). THEN THERE WAS MUSIC: I stepped into the clearing and found them waiting, seated round a table like the Mad Hatter and Doormouse for tea. They beckoned silently, "Come closer, sit down!" I pursed my lips to whistle sweet and low and we sat and played a tune as dusk rolled in--the birds, the accordion player and me.