Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Manny!

Was listening to Manny Pacquiao being interviewed on the radio this morning. He was being asked how he would be able to serve in Congress while training to fight in one of his megabuck fights.

He answered, naively and sincerely, that some Congressmen go to Congress only once a week, so time should not be a problem. And that during the times of the year where no fights are scheduled, he could go to work every day of the week, if there was work to be done!

So there you have it - the People's Champ has spoken: Congressmen do not really go to work full-time (gasp!), and even if they wanted to, what's the point if there's not much to accomplish anyway?

Good times ahead for the next few months, folks. The circus is back in town. And so are the clowns.

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