Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mind Mapping CANVAS

We've discovered the joys of mindmapping.

A mindmap is a simply a diagram used to represent words, ideas and plans, among others, and these are arranged radially around a central theme. It is supposed to help to clarify thoughts and ideas in your mind, say for organizing, strategizing, problem solving, or decision making.

At three years old, CANVAS has grown a bit and is now being pushed and pulled in various exciting directions. The downside is that we may be stretching ourselves thin without realizing it. So we're embarking on our first serious medium to long term planning, and mindmapping is turning out to be such a boon.

There is a bunch of mindmapping software out there if you just google it, but we're using Mindjet, which is simply great.

Here's what CANVAS programs - some fully established or ongoing, and some in the pipeline - currently look like:

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