Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The plan has evolved a bit... we're still going to go for the original idea of an outdoor exhibition of 200 banners, but we may have to take our time on that for now. In the meantime, efforts are coalescing around a new and very exciting "Looking for Juan" project in October 2008.

CANVAS is now working closely with Songstream Music - through one of their executives, Rommel "Sancho" Sanchez (a local rock scene legend as far as lead guitarists go).

The idea is to for Songstream to line up 7 rock bands, while CANVAS lines up 7 artists. Each will be paired with a band. The artist creates an original work on what it means to be Filipino, and the band then creates an original song based on the work.

And vice versa - the band also comes up with an original song, still on the same theme, which the artist then responds to.

The collaboration should be very interesting, and it will all be immortalized in an interactive music CD and book!

We don't want to preempt the bands/artists we have in mind, but needless to say, the first (and if we say so ourselves - some of the most exciting) ones we've approached have all been enthusiastic about this project.

Seven bands, seven artists, fourteen songs, fourteen artworks... all about the soul of the Filipino.

We're excited!

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