Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rockin' for Juan - Photos from the Interaction

Here are some pictures from the small gathering that CANVAS hosted for rock bands/singers and artists who will be participating in our upcoming rock and art project this October.

The CANVAS Garden by day. It's a small bonsai garden in Quezon City, generally not open for the public, except on special occasions.

The Garden is beside our Showroom which is going to be opened only by appointment. For this occasion, we displayed artworks, contest pieces and book covers (none of which are for sale) from past projects.

Artist Mark Justiniani being interviewed by MYX, which covered the event.

Sancho Sanchez, Managing Director of Songstream Music, CANVAS' partner for this project.

Artist Fred Esquillo and Kevin Roy of rock band Loquy exchange thoughts and ideas on their respective works. In the background is "Amorsolo's Song" a painting by Farley del Rosario for CANVAS' children's book, "Sol - A Legend About the Sun."

Artist Elmer Borlongan telling Robin Rivera, music producer and representative of singer Dong Abay about his artwork for this project.

L to R - Sancho (managing director, Songstream Music), Toti Dalmacion (president of Terno Recordings, manager of Up Dharma Down), Carlos TaƱada (guitarist, Up Dharma Down), Robin Rivera (record producer of Dong Abay and Eraserheads, representing Dong Abay)

Sancho talking with Up Dharma Down's manager about Winner Jumalon's piece (who passed by early in the afternoon) - a montage of photos taken on a road trip from Manila to Zamboanga - for the project.

Singer Cynthia Alexander and artist Plet Bolipata viewing Plet's piece.

L-R: Gigo Alampay (Executive Director, CANVAS), Rob Chien (President, Ambient Media), Sancho Sanchez (Managing Director, Songstream Music), and Eric Enriquez (Managing Director, Ambient Artist Center). Songstream Music, CANVAS' partner for this project, and Ambient Media Center are subsidiaries of Ambient Media.

We had the artists and bands sign this shirt. Everyone else got a free shirt as a souvenir. :-)

The CANVAS Garden at night.

The CANVAS family. It was a good night for everyone.


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