Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some Pics from Last Night's Rocking for Juan Event

So... a little over a year since the idea initially came to us, the big night finally arrived. We had a very well attended Rakenrol show - one of our biggest in terms of the number of guests (estimated between 200 and 250 people) who actually came. For the first time, by the Museum's closing time (10pm), the forty or so bottles of wine that we ordered had all been consumed, and had very nearly run out of food as well...

No matter, it looked to us that no one really noticed, and that everyone had a great time...

We didn't tell everyone that a couple of the bands/musicians would be playing. About an hour into the opening, we had everyone move to the lobby in another section of the Ayala Museum...

...where we explained the rationale behind Looking for Juan - In Art and Rock & Roll and then treated everyone to a surprise preview of some of the songs that emerged out of this collaborative experiment.

Vin Dancel and Peryodiko rocked the Museum.

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

We set up an LCD projector to show the images that accompanied the songs that were being played.

Cynthia Alexander followed with her songs. In the picture below, artist Plet Bolipata explains her artwork just before Cynthia played her song.

Photo credit: Elmer Borlongan aka fotobumbong

The CD with all the songs will come out, hopefully by the third week of November.

Interesting side story: Shortly before the opening, the Ayala Museum folks requested us to keep the level down to a respectable 50 decibels, to which we of course agreed, thinking that 50 decibels should be more than enough for what we had in mind.

We googled it only this morning, and found out that 50 decibels is the sound of the summer rain, or a normal conversation from three feet away.

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

We'd like to think everyone had a grand time (unknowingly - we'd like to emphasize) breaking the 50-decibel limit.

And we thank the Ayala Museum for reassuring us this morning, despite our - really - unavoidable failure to meet their request, that CANVAS has not yet overstayed its welcome. :-)

And finally... if you know the girl below with the videocam...

or any of the people with the cameras below...

Photo credit: Rico Quimbo

...or just anyone else who may have taken pictures or videos during the event, please tell them that, if its ok, to please send us a copy of their shots/footage. Just email them to

We'd love to keep them in our files for posterity, and post them on youtube and here on our blog.


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