Friday, April 17, 2009

Ted Failon and Human Rights

Whatever you may think of Ted Failon, this whole tragic affair gives a neat lesson on how well-imbibed human rights, as a concept, is in the Filipino psyche. And how far the thought - or even the intent - of upholding and protecting human rights is from reality.

For example, everyone knows that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But the way the DOJ and the police are conducting themselves and making warrantless (and in this case, undoubtedly illegal) arrests, you would think it's the other way around.

Two thoughts:

1. We need to remember that a woman died. Give her relatives a break and let them grieve. There is time for everything else in a few days.

2. Know your rights. Respect each other's rights. Know the law. Whatever side you're on - whether as a policeman doing your job, or as a person accused of breaking the law - we'd all be that much better off for it.

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