Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rakenrol - Asan Na?

It's been six months since we had our Rakenrol exhibit. And we've been kicking ourselves for bringing a videocam that ran out of batteries just as Peryodiko and Cynthia Alexander were about to perform their songs.

Finally, we just found some measure of redemption. Thank God for YouTube, and a big thanks to kmaq7261 who uploaded this clip of Peryodiko singing their original song.

And here's the Karen Flores' painting that it inspired.

And what of the rest of the songs? Where's the music CD?

The long and short of it is that we're still waiting - like everyone else - for the CD to finally come out. In part and without going into detail, the global recession, believe it or not, is partly to blame for the delay. And let's just say that, at this point, how and how fast it moves forward is largely beyond CANVAS' control.

Whatever the reason, be assured that this is only a delay. One way or another, we will get the CD made... eventually... hopefully sooner rather than later... keep your fingers crossed...

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