Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Church of Men

While we disagree with the Catholic Church on a number of issues - the RH Bill chief among them - we also fully recognize that there is much to be proud of, and beautiful about it. Its traditions, history and influence define and will continue to define much of what and who we are as Filipinos (whether we are Catholic or not).

The Church is part of who we are - our past, present, and future - and on balance, we are grateful for this fact.

But... it is times like these, when they choose to stand against the Magna Carta for Women - a law that can only empower women, that we are reminded that this is a Church of men.

Men, as in those who can never fully understand and empathize with the unique challenges that women face.

And men, as in not gods, and therefore, our equals and not infallible.

***Painting: "Rosario at Kape," oil on canvas (2007) by Manny Garibay.

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