Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thinking on a Very Rainy Day

Epic rain (13 inches in 6 hours, a new record and nearly as much as we get on average in a month! Or to put it in another light, New York City gets only 15-20 inches per year!) and unprecedented flooding in Metro Manila today.

PAGASA calls it an extreme weather event. You think?!

Lots of families and communities in real distress right now... our thoughts and prayers go to them. There will be time enough to point fingers and place blame, but for now, at this time, our thoughts and prayers also go to all the good people in government who are stretched far beyond the limits working hard to rescue and assist and reassure...

We know everyone will pull together and respond as we Filipinos always do in the coming days...

But what else can we - especially all of us in the creative sector - do that will have more lasting impact over the longer run?

Photograph: Jay Directo/AFP

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