Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Friendly and Useful Reminders from the DTI

Here are several precautionary measures from the Department of Trade and Industry to help everyone celebrate the Holidays the safest possible way:

• Buy only fireworks from licensed manufacturers with proven track records for producing safe, quality fireworks. Do not buy generic fireworks without labels that identify manufacturer.

• Always read instructions before use.

• Do not pick up those that have failed to explode.

• Close all windows and doors of the house during New Year celebration to prevent wayward fireworks from entering your home.

• Always follow the required distance for spectators.

• Do not pull pranks or scare people.

• Do not use candles, cigarettes, or mosquito coils in lighting fireworks. Improvise a long pole so that you can be far from the point of ignition.

• Protect your eyes by wearing goggles or glasses. Wear clothes made of either cotton or denims. Do not wear synthetic clothing like polyester. Wear shoes instead of slippers to protect feet.

• Keep a bucket of water or hose nearby to put out fire in case of accident.

• If in doubt as to the safety of the fireworks … Stop.

• Keep a first aid kit nearby for treatment of burns.

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