Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking for Photos that are Looking for Juan

CANVAS is spinning off a new website for Looking for Juan... and we're looking for great photos we can use to give it that extra edge and character.

High resolution digital photographs that express or "speak about" what it means to be Filipino (culture, history, people, places, politics, pride...), preferably (but not necessarily) in horizontal orientation, would be great.

We can't afford much and would welcome "donated" photos, but we would be willing to pay for suitable photos on a perpetual (so we don't have to think about the license anymore), non-commercial (we would only use it for the website), and non-exclusive (you can still use your photos for whatever purpose or occasion you wish) basis.

If you have some that you think would be ideal, please email us a low-resolution version (less than 1MB would be fine) at If we think we can use it (you can send up to five photos initially), we'll get back to you and we can talk.

Feel free to forward this to people you think might be interested.


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