Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doll Eyes Ongoing!!!

We had a successful opening for the first set of artworks that Joy Mallari beautifully and painstakingly prepared for our upcoming children's book, "Doll Eyes." Written by Eline Santos, and the winner of our Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition, it will become our tenth book when it is launched this June 2010.

Author Eline Santos and artist Joy Mallari pose in front
of one of the signature artworks for "Doll Eyes".

The tale is our darkest and edgiest yet. It's about a witch in Quiapo who takes little kids and turns them into dolls.

You can read the whole story when you catch the show at the Ayala Museum. The exhibit runs until March 9.

See you there!


louise said...

looking forward to owning a copy!:)

will you be exhibiting anywhere else? this one ran too short and i missed it :(

CANVAS said...

There will be an exhibition of a second set of artworks for "Doll Eyes" sometime in June. That is also when we will launch the book.

Hope to see you then! :-)