Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mural That Helps Clean Air

CANVAS today supported the Makati City government as it joined the US-based paint company, Boysen’s “One Wall, One World” initiative. Artist Roel Obemio, who illustrated our "Message in the Sand" painted a mural on a portion of the 225-meter long wall along Lawton Avenue using Boysen's environmental-friendly KNOxOUT paint.

“A typical wall coated with three layers of KNOxOUT could last up to three to five years and absorb nine cars’ worth of pollution per square meter of painted wall surface as long as it is exposed to enough light, moisture and air,” says Eric Cuisia, a representative from Boysen.

How does it do it? Well, here's the technical description - Boysen’s KNOxOUT, which is a portmanteau of knockout and nitrous oxide (NOx), contains fine titanium dioxide which serves as a catalyst for a light reaction capable of breaking down pollutants like nitrogen oxides (one of the primary causes of acid rain and global warming) into nitric acid, which is then immediately neutralized by the paint’s alkaline calcium carbonate particle. The paint also converts water vapor into hydroxyl and peroxyl, both disinfecting substances.

Johnson Ongking, vice president of Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines puts it in simpler terms. "By merely painting one wall, everyone has the power to do his share to improve the one world we live in. It’s like tree planting — we plant trees to help offset our carbon footprint. But trees can’t handle NOx, VOCs or smog. A wall painted with KNOxOut can help take some of those noxious gases out of the air... That’s the idea behind the “One Wall, One World” advocacy," he says.

Makati is now on board, and it aims to be the first smog-free city in the Philippines - simply by going at it one wall at a time. And it all starts with Roel's mural along the Lawton Avenue wall, which, we can now proudly claim, becomes the longest air purifier in the Philippines.

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80's Pinas said...

Our environment is really in bad shape. Everyday, as I go to and fro work countless vehichles smoke belch and countless people smoke cigarettes. No wonder we are experiencing global warming and other unexplainable natural phenomenons. I was watching TV days ago and saw this commercial of boysen paint. It was a good timing because days before I saw the commercial I came across this show on cable TV that says ordinary paints shed off chemicals as rain pours down on houses or buildings. These chemicals were proven to be harmful when absorbed by the soil. They based their research on houses with lawns and gardens. I was pretty much alarmed because we are really destroying nature and in effect we are literally digging up our own grave. Knowing that Boysen is doing the best they can to help ease pollution and other environmental problems is comforting. I would like to congratulate Canvas for taking part in this meaningful and significant activity. =) Good job! =]