Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun with Economics

Here's one of the best, most informative and least boring mini-lectures on global economics we have found. Gapminder is a treasure trove of useful information... and helps us get an understanding of where we are and maybe where we are going, relative to the rest of the planet.

In case you're wondering where the Philippines is in the video below, by the end of the presentation, we would be the small red ball just beside and to the left of China, with a life expectancy of around 72 years of age and an annual per capita income of around $3,200.00 - and most promisingly, definitely in the cluster of countries identified to be well positioned to accelerate growth and catch up a bit in these years of recession in the more developed nations.

Anyway, just watch the video, and visit the site - it's a lot less boring than what we just said. :-)

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