Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some of the Stuff We're Thinking About

With our big projects (Pacific Rim Park and the Outdoor Banner Project in UP) done for now, we have some time to step back, assess the "damage" and survey the future. Here are some of the major projects we have coming up:

1. Our Art and Rock & Roll Project hit a snag when the global economic crisis hit our music and multimedia partner, which then had to close their recording studio. They wanted to continue with the project, but financial realities dictated that they had to let go of the whole thing. Decent and good folks that they are, they've told us they were willing to just give us what has been done so far (four songs recorded with master copies ready), and waive and transfer all rights to us.

We probably won't make money on this, but it's a great project and one we can be proud of, if we're able to pull and push and force it through. And we'll have fun doing it - how many people actually get the chance to produce for the likes of Dong Abay, Peryodiko, Up Dharma Down, Noel Cabangon, Joey Ayala, Cynthia Alexander and Loquy?!

So we're taking the challenge - which means raising money to book recording studios for the remaining five bands (two songs each), pay the composers, advance some royalties, and other unavoidable expenses that are sure to come our way. We have some ideas, and plans (one of which is our previously posted online gallery)... and will provide details soon.

2. The overwhelmingly positive response to the public, and the artist community, to our Outdoor Banner Project, has us thinking of doing it all over again next year, just in time for the elections, and with more artists, writers, poets, and musicians than ever.

We still have to refine the idea, but it's basically going to be about Everyday Filipino Heroes. The exhibit will be a collective statement that the 2010 elections shouldn't be about finding heroes or saviors, because those people are all around us everyday. It's going to be a nonpartisan affair, but still exploring the use of art to instigate public reflection, discussion and debate.

3. And of course, we have those three children's books in the pipeline:

Ang Dyip ni Mang Tomas in October 2009 (story by Genaro Gojo Cruz, artworks by Anthony Palomo)

Doll Eyes
in December 2009 (story by Eline Santos, artworks by Joy Mallari)

Mga Huni sa Loob ng Kawayan
in February 2010 (story by Fernando Gonzalez, artworks by Juanito Torres).

The last book won our Romeo Forbes Children's Storywriting Competition this year, and normally, it should be published no earlier than August 2010. But, the story is also about the famed Las Pinas Bamboo Organ and its festival is celebrated in February, so we wanted to time the book launch appropriately.

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