Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Online Gallery of Sorts

Building the Park in Puerto Princesa, and our Outdoor Art Banner Exhibit in UP were both very very well received, and definitely worth all the effort (even if only for the families soaking in the artwork while walking together on Sunday underneath UP's acacia trees), but... both were also serious drains on our not very imposing coffers.

And now, we have a number of big projects coming up, including the long overdue Art & Rakenrol CD (the rights to the music, we are finally assured, will be transferred to us in full so that we can take charge of pursuing this in earnest), and three children's books in the next eight months:
  • Ang Dyip ni Mang Tomas in October (story by Genaro Gojo Cruz, artworks by Anthony Palomo)
  • Doll Eyes in December (story by Eline Santos, artworks by Joy Mallari)
  • Mga Huni sa Loob ng Kawayan in February (story by Fernando Gonzalez, artworks by Juanito Torres).
So we've decided to try and create an online gallery of sorts to help us with fundraising... we wanted one that's free, relatively uncomplicated, and easy to update ourselves, so that we can have a way of letting people know exactly what artworks and books we have for sale.

We didn't want to use the CANVAS website for that - first of all, something just didn't fit; and second, to do that, we would have to commission a back-end database and management system... which we can't afford and which we're not so confident will pay for itself over time.

So we played around with Blogspot, that free blog publishing tool from the good folks at Google, and came up with CANVAS' Online Gallery and Bookshelf.

It looks like it will serve our purposes for now. Just a place where people can browse and inquire, about the amazing artworks we have for sale, as well as the books we have on stock. We'll try to keep it updated, so people know EXACTLY what we have, at any given time.

But there's no online payment mechanism, so interested buyers will just have to send us an email, and we can take it from there.

So feel free to browse around... if you like anything, shoot us an email... and if you end up buying something, know that you're also supporting our cause, for whatever that's worth. :-)

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