Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daniel Aligaen - ICONOCLASH

While Daniel Aligaen is simply fond of depicting images that are easily recognizable in that they are either culled from pop culture or are religious personae, he actually brings attention to his specialty of dealing in great contrasts.

First is his use of black against white; and even the inclusion of red reinforces the savvy with which he flaunts his skills succinctly as he renders with the absence of color or its nonetheless effective minimum.

Second is how he merges icons polar in their differences to the point of risking the tag of ‘iconoclast.’

Indeed, this body of works dubbed “Iconoclash” is an initial peek at Aligaen’s world of gritty visual mix where technique and style are made even more stark with daring.

“Iconoclash” is on view at 1/of Gallery in Serendra from August 10 to 30, 2009.

For more information, call 901-3152 or email 1ofgallery.serendra@gmail.com.

*** "11-21-86" by Daniel Aligaen. 12"x12" mixed media (2009).

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