Friday, August 7, 2009

A Tribute to Those Who Paid Tribute

The highest tribute to those who paid tribute to Tita Cory should, of course, be given to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who fell in line, and lined the streets from August 1 through 5, from the wake at La Salle to the transfer to the Manila Cathedral and all through the long trip to her final resting place beside Ninoy.

But there were a few individual tributes that stood out for us.

Of course, there was Lea Salonga's incomparable and soaring rendition of Bayan Ko.

Conrado de Quiros and Teddy Boy Locsin gave the most memorable eulogies, we thought.

And in the end, the discipline, commitment to duty, and pride shown by the four honor guards who endured the nearly nine-hour journey from the Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial Park was simply incredible.

They say they lasted that long because it was an honor to simply be part of, and so close to history being made. To them, we say, it was also an honor seeing you represent, not just the military, but all Filipinos so outstandingly.

Bravo and well done!

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