Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Must Remember

Watching all the tributes the past few days - from the massive public outpouring of grief, gratitude and pride, to the moving personal eulogies, and even to the magnificent media coverage of it all - we must remember.

We must remember what it feels like to be a Filipino in this manner and on this day, when, as Conrado de Quiros so eloquently put it, the colors were there to unite us, more than separate us.

We must remember that it is possible, as Teddy Boy Locsin did, to live every day to the fullest, bringing out the best in each of us - for someone else.

We must remember that there once walked, among us, a giant so gentle we never really fully noticed how large she loomed, until she was no longer there, and all we now feel is the embrace of a dull aching void that we must fill with courage, hope, integrity and faith, if only to honor her.

We must remember to thank God, as Cory did, for making us all, Filipinos.

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