Saturday, April 16, 2011


In case you haven't donated yet to our 3000 Books for Children Project with Global Giving, or if you have and were thinking of giving more, please consider donating between 12:00pm of Tuesday (April 19) and 11:59am of Wednesday (April 20).

Global Giving just announced this 24-hour window as a BONUS period during which time all donations received will be matched by up to 15%.

As additional incentives, we have also decided that:

* Every $10 donation to our Project made online during this period will entitle the donor to one of our unique art totes. These are unique pieces of functional art from our Outdoor Banner Project. We will bring the bags to our Looking for Juan Artspace in Serendra where donors can then choose on a first-come, first-pick basis.*

* In addition to the bags, and in celebration of Earth Day later in the week, every $50 donation will also entitle the donor to a signed, limited edition It Takes a Village print** by Palma Tayona (image size: 11x8.25 inches, giclee print on archival paper, unframed).

To make your donation, please visit our Global Giving page!

Thank you for your support!!!

* Unfortunately, we cannot afford to mail the freebies - they will have to be picked up at our Looking for Juan Artspace in Serendra. :-)

* The original It Takes a Village artwork by Palma Tayona is a 5x4 ft. acrylic on canvas painting and may also be purchased. If interested, please send an email to for details. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the painting will also exclusively benefit our 3000 Books for Children project.

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