Monday, April 25, 2011

We're In! But We Still Need Your Help!!!

We met Global Giving's two challenge thresholds - raising at least $4,000 from at least 50 donors - last Holy Thursday!

Thank you to everyone for your support. This means that we have now secured a permanent spot on GlobalGiving’s website, where we will have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, exposure to a new donor network, and access to dozens of online fundraising tools.

We will do our very best to take advantage of this new capability to further enhance the effectiveness and impact of CANVAS as an organization.

In the meantime, we still need everyone's help.

For one, the $4,000.00 only gets us the invite to Global Giving, but the project itself, more importantly, still needs at total of $15,000 to ensure that at least 3,000 schools, hospitals or children directly, will receive copies of our books.

And second, we're still in the running for one of the five "Facebook Share" incentives from Global Giving. The top five organizations to have their Global Giving pages "shared" on Facebook will receive $300.00 each. We are currently running at number 6, about 150 votes from number 5.

Please help us win the $300 special prize from Global Giving for the most facebook "shares." Simply go to: Scroll down to the middle and click on the FB share button.

Please be assured that 100% of the donations & special prizes we receive will go towards books for disadvantaged children throughout the Philippines. Thanks! :-)

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