Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 28 - SALINLAHI - Our Park has Finally Risen in Puerto Princesa!!!

The Pacific Rim Salinlahi Park was officially dedicated by Mayor Edward Hagedorn for the City of Puerto Princesa.

It overlooks the sea, where dolphin watch tours are done... so this park will eventually become a new stop for tourists who go on those tours.
CANVAS' Looking for Juan Outdoor Banner Exhibit lined the back of the park, defining its space, and also partly shielding an old, dilapidated and abandoned building in the back.

That building will eventually be torn down, and we hear it will be the site of the campus for the City's planned international school for the environment.One one of the walls of the structure, they did a flower mosaic. The students from each of the countries represented (Russia, the US, China, Korea and the Philippines) got to work and express their thoughts on one petal.

The Pacific Rim Sanlahi Park is now in the good hands of the city, which has committed to forever run it as a public space. We hope it provides the spark that will turn its big dreams into reality, while also becoming a bridge to continued peace and harmony among the peoples of the Pacific.
Cheers to everyone involved for all the hard work, dedication and commitment. It has truly been a privilege being part of this great, and lasting project! :-)

The Looking for Juan Outdoor Banner Project was made possible in part by generous support from The Pag-IBIG Fund.


erasmusa said...

it's great that we could see the day-to-day progress from islands away. congrats, everyone! :)

liza said...

congratulations! this is so, so inspiring!