Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 16 - Start of Week 3

It's the start of another WORK week and heavy rain makes everything an even greater challenge today.

But they are ready to get wet just to make sure that they'll be able to accomplish the tasks needed such as:

1. mixing and forming of the cement
2. pulling and stripping of the wooden forms facing the concrete
3. getting the benches done by finishing the stoneworks
4. finishing the steel works by positioning the reinforcement bars

To make matters more difficult, the cement mixer broke down this afternooon. Work has to continue and there is no time to wait for it to get fixed so now mixing the cement has to be done by hand.

Meanwhile, they also started digging the slope for the walkway toward the sea.

Wet, tired but still very happy and up for the task!

Much needed help - the mobile workshop truck service of Puerto Princesa came to the rescue...

... and got the cement mixer working again!

It was a day of unexpected ups and downs, and things continue to move forward. It's starting to take shape...

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