Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day12 - The Hard Work Continues.....

Another BIG day for everyone as the construction work gets harder and harder. But before braving the heat of the sun get to it, the participants first had to stretch their (aching?) muscles.

Stretching done, it's time to get physical!

It's time to dig, lift and sweat!

Today, they have to finish digging the holes for the columns, and finish the footings and trenches.

They also have to position the reinforcement bars into their designated spots.

Shovels and buckets are their main companions.

Locals who are came to watch eventually offered to help in the construction of the park.

The digging marathon continued well into the afternoon.

Then it was time to bend (manually!) the reinforcement bars.

It's all hard, slow, tedious, sometimes painful work.

But inch by back-breaking inch...

We are getting there!

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