Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day10 - And Now for the Hard Part!

The design now approved, we will have to build the park in just a little over two weeks!!!

One of the first things to do is to clear up more space in the abandoned building just beside the site, where they did most of their drawing classes. It's not raining for now, but if and when it does, the work cannot stop, and building some parts of the park may have to be done in here.

But most of the grunt work will really have to be done outside under the heat of the sun. And again, the first step outside is to clear the space where the park will rise.

Meanwhile, building materials and heavy equipment have started to come in. This is serious stuff!

The spectacular view of the sea helps ease the inevitable tiredness that sets in.

But the weather is (at least for today) totally cooperating.

The City of Puerto Princesa also made sure that first aid and medical assistance was there, just in case.

If we build it, will they come??? We'll find out soon enough! Stay tuned... :-)

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