Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day05 - Drawing Exercises

The students visited the site again, and continued with the effort to gain a more complete understanding of the project. Drawing assignments were given to help them visualize their concepts and designs.

They were encouraged to take a fresh look of the site, to try to really "see" the many things around, and to wait for them to "talk to them."

The "seeing" and "listening" exercise was followed by group sharing of discoveries and sketches.

They were then given a second drawing exercise.

This time, the participants were asked to think, not as an architect, but as either a musician or poet. They were told to look for forms and to feel the rhythm, to think of music and words, to let their imagination talk to them. They were cautioned against limiting their drawings to styles and rules that they learned as architects, and instead, to allow their creativity to expand and reach a broader range.

Sketch by Long Fei Wang of China.

For the last assignment, they were divided in groups, and required to come up with a group design for the Park, which they will all present to the rest of the participants tomorrow.

The day was capped by a welcome dinner hosted by Puerto Princesa City's Mayor Hagedorn.

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