Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day25 - The Last Three Days

It's a day of doing the artistic touches for the park. Below, the students are busy doing the mosaics for the benches.

The arc was finally painted in white.

During their break, the team had a glimpse of the progress of the park.

They've also started doing the trellis for the columns, where the bougainvillas will be put.

And more proper digging for the cherry blossom trees.

James checking out the student's work on the stoneworks for the flooring.

Since they've been working so hard, more happy shoes for the hardworking people.

And for dinner, they went to "Kamarikutan" art and gallery restaurant. Kamarikutan means wilderness in the Cuyonon dialect.

It's a long day of hard work, fun and laughter. :)

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