Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day07 - Model Making

From two-dimensional design to 3D - today's challenge was for the students (divided into new groups) to use clay to create models of the park.

Above, James begins dividing the clay among the groups. As a design tool, he said, clay provides a physical way to communicate with each other. More importantly, it poses no language barrier, as the students can simply express themselves by molding.

They should think about three questions as they confront their task:

1. What is this project about to them as designers?
2. What is this project about to the community of Puerto Prinsesa?
3. What is this project about to everyone else living across the Pacific?

As always, the students are all excited, and this time they are ready to get dirty.

How serious are they? We'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

In the artistic hands of the designers, the models start to take shape.

During their break, some of the students found a unique kind of flower growing around the vicinity of the site. A new source of inspiration, perhaps?

Monsoon rains did not delay the design process as the groups continued with their presentations.

Everyday, the exercises generate lots of ideas, and reveal new levels of talent and creativity.

Today was not any different. The students continued to impress both James and Kyle with their talent, hard work and impressive designs.

What's clear at this point is that both the concept of the Park - and they themselves as designers - are evolving, and inching ever closer to something very special.

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