Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day14 - One Week Into the Building Phase!

The aggressive schedule continues to up the pressure.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated very well today, increasing the chances that we will be able to finish and position all the reinforcement bars and the form of the whole site.

It's finally time to use the cement mixer.! :-)

Pouring of cement is not an easy task!!!

Teamwork and cooperation, as always, is critical.

Members of the Rotary Club of City of Puerto Princesa dropped by for the day to have a look of the site, and to take part in the building of the park.

The girls from Russia strike their version of a Charlie's Angels pose.

The pouring of cement continued into the afternoon.

A very productive day... a very productive week...

Everyone has earned a well deserved rest tomorrow - we hear they're going to Dos Palmas for the day to recharge.

They'll need it... only two weeks left to the big launch!!! Wooohoooo!

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