Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 23 - On Track in the Last Five days!!!

We're almost there!

Things are looking and going great... we have every reason to believe that we will make it... but we can't let our guard down. The weather has been cooperating lately, but there's no guarantee that the coming days will be just as great.

We've started to remove arc's wood supports, and the area for the pearl is nearly ready.

Remember that the pearl represents the Park as a gift of the Philippines to the greater Pacific Rim community.

Now it's also time to work on the flooring.

Finally, the arc is done. It supposed to represent the wings of a white bird poised for flight, symbolizing the potential of the Park to help raise Puerto Princesa to even greater heights.

But there's still a lot of small details and finishing touches to add.

And we also started setting up the bamboo frames from which CANVAS' Outdoor Banner Project will hang.

We're on schedule, if not ahead. Still, we can't rest just yet.

But, everything's good (knock on wood). :-)

Hope you all can come and celebrate with us in five days!

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