Saturday, May 30, 2009

Emilie Ledieu shares her thoughts.....

It is said that to give is to receive, and at this very moment I believe that we, as a group, are all feeling this notion strongly. We are giving the gift of a park, a park which most of us will not be able to visit or use frequently. However, in exchange, we receive two of the greatest and most unique of gifts: this special time and each other.

We have strung yet another pearl onto this beautiful necklace surrounding the majestic Pacific Ocean. I know that whenever life brings us near this water again, we will look out onto its power and remember this remarkable time. It has been a time of learning on the highest of levels. In this classroom like no other we have gained knowledge not only from our teachers (Jim and Kyle), but from the materials we build with (the cement, the steel, the tiles, and all of the tools), the land we are building on (with its wonderfully diverse flora/fauna and enchanting view), the ocean (with its endlessly inspiring horizon), and, perhaps most importantly, we learn invaluable lessons from each other (as individuals and as representatives of our culture).

We may be giving a gift of a pearl and its park to Puerto Princesa, but I genuinely believe that we have become the clams, each with a newfound and stubborn piece of sand slowly and patiently growing into a pearl deep within. The Pacific Rim Parks house the physical pearls, but now our hearts and souls carry pearls as well. Therefore, we are receiving a gift; a gift which will stay with us for the rest of our lives. As we share the magic of our individual pearls with the world around us, the necklace continues to grow, change, and inspire. This is how the Pacific Rim Park project can bring a bit of peace to the world, as it has clearly already brought friendship. This wondrous strand of pearls reaches far beyond the pacific; it reaches the four corners of the world.

We have all struggled, at times, throughout the last month. There have been minor injuries, illness, some bruises, many aches, and maybe even a bit of homesickness. With this said, today when taking a moment to soak in this magnificent white arch that we have built, poised on a ridge and ready to take flight out onto the Pacific, any and all adversity melted away…flew away on its precious wings. The only feelings remaining were awe and complete peace. Today peace was made in the form of a park.

Emilie Ledieu is a mosaic artist from Philadelphia, USA.

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