Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day08 - And, the Design Finally Comes Together...

Jim Hubbell and Kyle Bergman, the driving forces behind the Pacific Rim Parks, spent the whole day creating a final design and model that incorporates all the ideas that percolated around in the past few days.

The students were allowed to take the day off (much deserved after all the hard work they have been doing!), and in the evening, Jim and Kyle presented what they came up with to them all.

To push through with the design, Jim and Kyle needed two approvals - one from the students themselves, and the second from the City, represented by Mayor Hagedorn.

Above is the rough clay model for the Philippine Pacific Rim Friendship Park.

For reference, this is what the other parks look like:

So imagine if you will - the Philippine park will be mostly white. The design is a representation of a white bird with its wings poised for flight, symbolizing the potential of the Park to help raise Puerto Princesa to even greater heights.

It brings with it a sparkling black-blue pearl (which should set off gorgeously against the white park) representing the Park as a gift of the Philippines to the greater Pacific Rim community.

The whole park will be lined with pink cherry blossom trees, which are endemic to Palawan; and the entrance to the Park will feature pink bouganvillas.

There will be other trees, plants, and benches throughout, and the whole Park will be facing the sea.

Very very serene... quiet and beautiful... Filipino yet global...

Needless to say, the whole group excitedly endorsed the final design.

They now had to spend the night to prepare for the final presentation of the design to the Mayor, including drawings for:

1. the master site plan
2. perspectives
3. landscapes
4. sketch details of the pearl area (shape and form), and
5. various sections of the park

If all goes well, Mayor Hagedorn will approve the design tomorrow, and it will finally be time to actually begin building our Park!

Very very exciting! Wooohooooo! :-)

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