Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day03 - First Day in Palawan

The participants woke up before the crack of dawn to catch the first flight to Puerto Princesa City.

After quickly checking in at the Bahay Inato where the City had booked them for the duration of the project, they got their first look at the site where the Park will eventually rise.

They had to walk the last 200 meters or so - intermittent rains made it risky for the bus to bring them directly to the site. The City assured us that the road will be fixed up a bit in the next few days.

The spectacular approach to the sea had everyone pumped!

And for the rest of the afternoon, the participants were allowed to simply explore and sketch, again looking for patterns, shapes and inspiration.

Above is Jim Hubbell, the artist-sculptor who is the heart of this Project. He talked briefly about how, in this very first days of the adventure, no one - not even him - knew what the design will turn out to be. As the students explore, they are really trying to find the soul of the project, by learning more and trying to understand as much about the land as they could.

As afternoon rains started to pour outside, the students took shelter in a nearby abandoned building where they shared initial thoughts and ideas.

It's very exciting. Think about it - what will a park look like after it's designed and built, in only four weeks, by a group of young people from different countries and cultures who have only just met?

We're hoping they'll all have the time of their lives, and that Puerto Princesa City (and the rest of the country) will end up with a fitting and long-lasting symbol of peace, environmentalism and friendship.

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