Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 17 - It's Raining, Meyn!!!

The day started with heavy rainfall which created problems for the team. For one, getting the cement mixed just right was now more difficult, and required more time before they could pour it into the designated areas.

Indoors (in the abandoned weather observation station just beside the site), some students prepared drawings and sketches to show to the engineers who will later visit and help out at the site.

Outside, it's more work and effort coping with what the day has dealt.

They even put shelters for them to finish the stoneworks for what would eventually be the benches for the park.

The engineers of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - Palawan Chapter had a talk with Kyle about the design and build of the site, and to learn how they can best be of help.

Safety considerations required that the cutting of reinforcement bars be done indoors today, as continuing rains and electrical cables do not make for a safe and healthy work environment. :-)

Clearly, this was not an ideal day... let's all hope that the days that follow, all the way to the fast approaching launch date, are much better.

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